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Health and Safety Policy

Hungrana Ltd is committed to contributing to the health and safety of its employees through its responsible activities as part of its day-to-day business, and to facilitating a proactive HSE culture to prevent accidents while maximizing the positive impact of its business on society.

Hungrana Ltd's Quality and Food Safety Policy

Our goal is to create, maintain and develop high quality products and services that increasingly meet an ever-growing market demand and customer expectations.

Hungrana Ltd. is a reliable supplier of food, feed and other industrial produce with international quality products both to the food and feed industry, as well as to industrial users and customers.

Quality and Food Safety Policy · Feed Safety Policy

Environmental Policy

In our practice, we are committed to enforcing environmental considerations; we believe that effective production practices are consistent with effective environmental protection, and that is why we are committed to using environmentally friendly technologies and producing environmentally friendly products.

Energy Policy

We strive to enforce energy efficiency considerations; we believe that efficient production practices pay particular attention to economical and efficient use of energy, which is why we are committed to the ongoing reduction of our specific energy consumption.

HALAL Policy

We are committed to our Muslim consumers and to manufacturing Halal products in the appropriate environment. We strive to ensure that our products are fully compliant with Halal food production requirements and principles.