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Sustainable development is one of the most important quality development undertakings for Hungrana Ltd, which for the Company primarily means the optimisation of production processes while keeping an eye on personal and environmental safety. The Company places great emphasis on the development and integration of technologies to mitigate environmental impacts, continuously develops its processes, and applies sustainability as a comprehensive aspect in its external relations.

Hungrana motivates its employees to make efforts for sustainability in everyday life. We see the purpose of our operation as creating a comprehensive value system that serves the environment of Hungrana Ltd as well as its various stakeholders and the benefit of the society as a whole.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of corporate culture and plays a permanent and prominent role in the management and operation of Hungrana Ltd. We are committed to the protection of human rights, corporate social responsibility, and to ongoing dialogue between the Company and society. It is our firm belief that sustainable development requires the participation of all societal players and that together we can consciously shape our future.

Hungrana Ltd has for decades been a trusted partner of the region's civil, non-profit and municipal players as wells as of the organizations involved in the production process as suppliers or trading partners. In addition, the Company is constantly evolving: it is adopting the highest level of technology and standards in our country and region, encouraging expertise and improvements.

Sustainability Policy (PDF)

Our goal is to create, maintain and develop high quality products and services that increasingly meet an ever-growing market demand and customer expectations.


Hungrana Ltd's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy (PDF)